Vitaly for LL "Heartbroken Logo" Chain

This collaborative piece with Toronto's own, Vitaly, features a 19mm (.75") Heartbroken Logo in stainless steel on a 65mm curb chain. The reverse side of the heart has an engraving of our Classic LL logo, while the clasp is affixed to the signature Vitaly tab at the closure.

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The LL Sweatshop is located at 9 Camden Street, Toronto.
One street south of Richmond on the west side of Spadina.
We are currently OPEN to the public. Mon-Sat, 12-7pm

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"We're not in the same League, don't shoot at the same basket".

- Jay-Z

What is The LL Sweatshop?

The LL Sweatshop acts as both the studio work space (sweat) and retail outlet (shop) for The Legends League Inc. and all of the projects created under the LL umbrella.

While we are known predominately for our clothing line, our team consists of a wide range of talents, including photographers (Cris Saliba), recording artists (Julian Thomas), and artists (Bryan Espiritu), which helps foster an environment with limitless potential outputs.

We're located at 9 Camden St. in Toronto.


The Legends League Inc
sweat /swet/ • noun, (informal) hard work; effort.
shop /SHäp/ • noun, a building or part of a building where goods or services are sold; a store

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