Bryan Espiritu



My "Body Language" style was developed on May 25th, 2023, after I had a conversation with my pal Kyle at his shop, Bather here in Toronto. We discussed my "ILY. IMU. WYD?" property, and how he felt it was one of my strongest ideas. Later that day, I went home and began working on ways to interpret a humanized version of the sentiment by combining imagery with typography. 

The following day, I tested the concept as a full alphabet. This piece is the first test of I did, without any edits.

Within a few days, I had locked in on what has become my next exploration of injecting personal messages into art pieces. It's a development and evolution of my Signature Type Pattern, my Bloat Camo Type Pattern, and the pencil drawings I had been doing around the same time.

On June 1st, my friend on Instagram, Nora Navarro, called the style "Body Language" - a perfect description for this new exploration. I'm very happy to share these works with you.

This 16x20" archival giclee print of the piece is produced on 340g textured matte cold press bright paper, and is shipped in a roll.

(The image pictured is strictly for reference. Colour and texture of print may be slightly different in person.)

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