On Friday, May 12th, I laid in a park in Silverlake, California, soaking in the sun while meditating a bit. When I finally sat up, I noticed a man sitting about 6 feet away from me, wearing a navy blue, “Boys & Girls Club” t-shirt. I’ve always loved their logo, and the weird way the type is kinda janky. I stared at it a while, as I do with most graphic tees, and thought about how a non-binary kid might feel if they saw a “Boys & Girls Club” logo. It was a pretty basic thought, maybe, but as a queer man, and someone who has a number of trans and non-binary people in his life, and as a graphic designer, and as a human being in the world, it bothered the shit out of me.

Weeks later, I thought about that logo again; the two hands holding one another. And I considered the other side. “Human Youth Club of Planet Earth” is what came of that day spent in the park in Silverlake, and of this night, weeks later, spent thinking about that logo, and of this life always feeling like an other, and of every day I exist in this world.

Made In U.S.A., printed in Toronto Canada.
6.5 oz. (US), 11 oz. (CA)
100% Cotton

Please note: the Dark Silver tee is a pigment dyed garment which is specially dyed for one of a kind colouring. Colour transfer may occur, especially when wet. We recommend washing this garment separately in cold water.

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