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The ENERGY Project was started by LL founder, Bryan Espiritu, as a means to place focus on sharing 9 pillars that have improved his personal life and mindset over the past year.

Being less concerned on product in 2018 has resulted in finding value in sharing some keys to beneficial living with our supporters. 

Featuring the Staple ENERGY Logo on the front and a collection of iconography on the back, this graphic heavy tee highlights the following concepts: Upcycling, Hydration, Lessening Plastic Usage, Getting Sleep Energy, Finding Your Ikigai, Practicing Self Care, Existing With Nature, Meditation, and Prioritizing Physical Health. The number 108 is considered a sacred number in many cultures and religions, and directly connects body in spirit in many ways. It is positioned with the words "This Side Up" to promote the idea of resting ones body on the left side, a practice that is said to improve the release of toxins from the lymph nodes, boosts digestion, increases circulation, and assists the brain with filtering out waste. 

6oz regular, athletic fit t-shirt.
Screen printed by hand in Toronto.