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IMPORTANT: Please enter your personalized messages, quotes, word requests in the notes section at checkout. 70 character limit per each board purchased. Boards may be combined for longer messages, quotes, or word combinations.

Personalized ESPIRITUSUCKS "ES" type pattern pieces by Bryan Espiritu are executed in alcohol-based paint on 16 x 20" Canson Mi-Teintes® 400GSM acid-free art board. 

The signature typeface is comprised of 12mm strokes, allowing for roughly 70 characters maximum per board. Requests for quotes with less characters will be repeated to fill the board.

Please note that images shown are replicas and colours are approximate. Lighter inks (white on black) will appear less saturated as they soak into darker boards. Each piece is hand-made and is subject to variation. 

This item cannot be refunded or exchanged once shipped. Bryan reserves the right to refuse any orders for offensive subject matter or wording.