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"3 Things", by Bryan Espiritu, began on Twitter in 2014 as a public version of his, "notes to self".

The bulleted, "Things" consist of points of motivation, reminders for self-reflection, matters of love, laughter, and even lyrics that are fitting to a specific moment in time. 

The "3 Things Book" features 100 chronologically dated entries, sectioned off into 4 quarters. Each quarter ends with a page for readers to, "Bookmark" their favourites, as well as lined sheets to jot down personal "Notes, Reminders, & Interpretations".

Book Specifications & Features:
• 12pt card stock cover with soft touch laminate for smooth finish and minimal fingerprints
• Clear (white on white) foil on book title.
• 80lb matte stock pages with vellum finish for textured feel.
• "Author's Favourites" personal comparison.
• Blacked out designs to show due respect on "Things" involving other artists.
• Size: 4.75x7", Pages: 248, Perfect-bound
• Printed in Canada