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NOTE: The purchase of this item gets you 1 cup entitled, "Time" from The Gratitude Series, which consists of 5 cups in total. To purchase the entire collection you need to add each of them to your cart separately.

Made in collaboration with my friend, Tamara Alissa (Solem Ceramics), this collection of cups honours the 5 aspects of my existence that I give thanks to every day - My Spirit, My Elders, My Youthfulness, Time (Past, Present, and Future), and My Body.

Each cup was wheel thrown with white stoneware and fired by Tamara before being illustrated on with cobalt underglaze by myself, and finally glazed and re-fired to reveal their final state. 

Time -
"Thank you, time, past, present, and future, for having me".

I show gratitude to time with the awareness that it's affects refine me more every day. I've lost the fear of running out of it, and have gained some grasp on the idea of wasting it. Age reshaped my views on where I was existing within the concept of time, realizing that I was too often in the future or the past to truly enjoy my life.

This cup was created with an intense focus on the 3 stages of time. It consists of 12 rows of 160 lines, each capped by a horizontal line that wraps around the cup. Every line was drawn with a consideration of the space it occupied and how it affected the row as a whole. Every completed row was then used as a guide for the next row while being mindful of how it would affect the subsequent rows I had yet to do. Each mark was highly meditative, and made with intention. In total there are 1932 lines.

This is the only piece in the series that doesn't have the title written in my cursive writing, although if you look closely, "Time" is written on it once per row)


W 3.5" x H 4.125"



Tamara Alissa is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist from Saudi Arabia, currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Her primary medium is hand-building and wheel-throwing clay, exploring themes of process vs outcome, diaspora, connection to the elements, and meditative play. She is currently focusing on different methods of hand-building sculptural vessels and applying illustrative work to wheel-thrown wares.