A look inside the opening of our first Toronto Flagship store located at 9 Camden Street. Follow along the process from October 1st 2014 until the grand opening on March 28th 2015.

Design and Project Management courtesy of IVIVIV.

OCTOBER 1ST 2014: Day One

NOVEMBER 13TH 2014: Blueprints (Courtesy of IVIVIV)

DECEMBER 15TH 2014: Demolition

DECEMBER 18TH 2014: Base Construction

DECEMBER 23RD 2014: First Design Renders (Courtesy of IVIVIV)

JANUARY 8TH 2015: Updated Floor Plan and Updated Render (Courtesy of IVIVIV)

JANUARY 16TH 2015: Final Design Render (Courtesy of IVIVIV)

JANUARY 21ST 2015: Base Construction Update

JANUARY 30TH 2015: Base Construction Updates

FEBRUARY 2ND 2015: Front Window Installation and Construction Updates

FEBRUARY 13TH 2015: Paint

FEBRUARY 18TH 2015: Decor Fabric Arrives / Merchandising Wall Test / Flooring Day One / Final Clothing Rack and Desk Renders (Courtesy of IVIVIV)

FEBRUARY 22ND 2015: Floor Completion

FEBRUARY 23RD 2015: Lighting Design Meeting

MARCH 3RD 2015: Merchandising Wall Review

MARCH 11TH 2015: Cleanup Before Merchandising Wall Installation

MARCH 12TH 2015: Merchandising Wall Installation Day One

MARCH 13TH 2015: Merchandising Wall Installation Day Two

MARCH 17TH 2015: Internal Signage Installation

MARCH 19TH 2015: Desk Review

MARCH 20TH 2015: Desk Installation

MARCH 22ND 2015: Merchandising and Outdoor Signage Installation

MARCH 23RD 2015: Wallpaper /Lighting / Security / Audio Installation

MARCH 27TH 2015: Night Before Grand Opening

MARCH 28TH 2015: Opening Day