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People think that growing up with psychological trauma is like having a flat tire on a bike that's too small for you - It sucks but you'll surely outgrow it. But that's not it at all. It's like being the bike and always having the flat tire and always having to learn to trudge through life going a little slower than most and never quite having enough momentum to move at the rate of the world that outgrew you when their training wheels came off. Because guidance, parents, confidence, reassurance, support, motivation, encouragement, empowerment, attention, affection, and security are training wheels we don't all get. So it takes longer to learn how to pedal, let alone ride with no hands.

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What separates those that eventually learn to pedal and those that don’t? Is that when your innate self comes to light? Or is it all based on what was given to you as a child? I find it interesting to see two strangers go through similar pasts and see one thrive and exceed and the other kind of just coast and tread.

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